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Offerte camping, estate 2019

Kit sopravvivenza

Nuovo, con etichetta - Usato

Tende, Canadesi

Nuovo, con etichetta - Usato

Sacchi a pelo

Nuovo, con etichetta - Usato

Luci da campeggio

Nuovo, con etichetta - Usato

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Oliena, NU

Monte Maccione hiking - ph. Lucio occhipinti

mercoledì 17 aprile 2019

The most Beautiful Mountain of Sardinia: Supramonte

Oddoene Valley - Ph. Tanja

Gorropu Canyon  - Ph. Tanja

From here see from Road gorropu canyon on the right and in 10 minutes on the left gorroppeddu canyon.
Before descending towards Baunei, to the right there is a road that in a few minutes leads to a lunar plateau, where it must be seen, it is a right-hand side of the mountains that you go along.

 - Ph. Tanja

In a few minutes,you are close to teletottes, where there is the largest cave in Italy, it is called Su Palu, it is more than 60 km below ground, I have been there, inside there are galleries like in the willy coyote cartoon, the galleries are called Lilliput.

Urzulei  - Ph. Tanja
  Walking - Ph. Tanja

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