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venerdì 28 settembre 2018

Know Sardinia before leaving in campervan

Lucio Occhipinti | 07:58 | Nessun commento

Sardinia cowntry

Sardinia can be chosen both to stay on the beach and to see museums, dumus de janas, dolmens, giants' tombs, nuraghic villages (more suitable for cheerful and relaxed families); but also for outdoor sports: climbing, caving, kayaking (for example in the river Cedrino), trekking almost all over the island and canyoning (perhaps among the longest, suggestive and panoramic: canyon Pentumas in Oliena ). Before leaving in the camper it is also useful to know that this land is rich in water, there are fountains in almost all countries. The campers sometimes manage to get close to the sea (for example in the beach of Sas Linnas Siccas, fraction of Orosei), in many cases you do not pay anything, in many others (and especially in the summer) you pay the parking. The summer season ends in October (but in Sardinia the weather is always good), an ideal month, both for the climate and for the fact that there are fewer tourists...continue

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