venerdì 28 settembre 2018

Campervan Sardinia: A particularly beautiful and interesting itinerary for the first day

Lucio Occhipinti | 04:58 | Nessun commento

Golfo di Orosei

The most beautiful itinerary to be recommended is on the road, with your camper on the eastern Sardinian road that crosses a piece of the Supramonte, between limestone, granite, oak woods, and in particular that stretch that connects the town of Orosei and its long beaches with the delicious Santa Maria Navarrese, a hamlet of the village of Baunei. It is a very tortuous and scenic route, and it is typical to see groups of motorcyclists in spring, especially Germans and French, sway with their two wheels among the many curves that characterize it. It alternates mountain landscapes, rugged and untouched beaches sometimes deserted and rustic, typical of the island, surrounded by junipers and badgers forged by the wind... continue

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